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 One of the primary benefits of practicing the rudiments is the control and coordination that you get by applying accents, flams, and drags to various stickings. Today we are going to do some exercises that extend these concepts using triplet marching grids. In addition to the rudiments, these exercises will help to focus your control and coordination. First we will start out by playing triplets with accents and moving the accents every measure. This will be the basis for the rest of the exercises.


Then, play the same thing moving the accents but drag (double) the first of every triplet.

 Let’s do the same thing with flams.

 And now let’s combine the flam and the drag while moving the accents around.


 And finally, we will add a drag to the flam of the first part of the triplet.


These exercises are notated starting with the right hand. I also recommend going through all of these also starting with the left hand.


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