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Welcome to Your Drum Lessons

To prepare for your lessons, click on the links below to download and read the following pages.

Your lessons and the materials we will use will be custom-tailored to your goals. I would like to start with these to make sure we build from a solid foundation. Feel free to print these out and keep them together in a folder so you have a physical copy during the lessons.

If you have any questions, you can call or text me at 801-540-9591 or email [email protected]

It’s important to start with the proper mindset about working towards your drumming goals.

The beats and fills in these four measure phrases are a good introduction to what’s most commonly played on the drums.

The rudiments are the ABCs of drumming. Practicing them consistently can do wonders for your control and co-ordination. Applying them to the drum set can really open up creativity in your playing.

Keeping track of what you practice can show you what needs attention and give you the motivation to keep going.

There are several great apps, like Zoom and Facetime, that we can use for our online lessons. I can show you how to set them up on your device.