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Drumming Podcasts

As drummers, we now have an abundance of great drumming podcasts to listen to and learn from. Each of the following six podcasts has their own personality and take on drumming.

Shuffle Metric Modulation

You can make a guitar rhythm sound and feel completely different depending on what you play to it. Here, we will take a shuffle and modulate it by shifting one beat early and playing the rhythm as straight 8th notes. Here is a video demonstrating this concept. The...

Great Drumming Intros, part 3

A song with an interesting drum introduction can grab your attention and pull you into wanting to hear more. Here is a list of a few of those songs that start with great drumming intros.

Where To Find Sheet Music

If you’re looking online for drumming transcriptions, http://www.DrumSetSheetMusic.com has indexed over 16k drum transcriptions.