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Generally, when we play with a metronome, it gives us the first part of the beat and we are responsible for the rest of the subdivisions. These exercises will help you to sharpen your timekeeping skills by focusing on those subdivisions.

We’re going to focus on accenting the four parts of the sixteenth notes in a quarter note pulse. We will start by playing one measure of straight sixteenth notes followed by one measure of accents. Set your metronome to play the sixteenth notes to guide you and once you are comfortable with playing that, change the metronome to play quarter notes. The chart seems rather simple to play but simple ain’t necessarily easy.

Now we are going to play only the specific subdivisions for the second measure of the line. You don’t have to accent these notes. What is important is that they are played correctly in time. Again, set a metronome play the sixteenth notes and once you get the hang of it, change the metronome to play quarter notes.

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