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This exercise is a sweep around the drum set designed so that the right hand moves counter clockwise while the left hand moves clockwise. This can give you ideas for some interesting tribal grooves and fills (and it looks impressive when you play it fast.)


It is written in 16th notes but can be played in any subdivision. Play these as alternating singles (RLRL). This is written for a basic five piece kit (3 toms and snare) but I will also notate it for a 4 piece kit (2 toms and a snare) below. Once you have the motion down, use your imagination and substitute the drums I’ve notated with other drums and cymbals (or anything else within stick’s reach.) Also, try turning off the snares for a more unified tom sound. Here it is.


Once you get that down, try playing different rhythms with the feet along with it. Here are a few suggestions.


Now here’s the same thing applied to a 4 piece kit (2 toms and a snare.) Because there are 12 notes in this phrasing, it is notated as 8th note triplets, but as stated before, it can be played in any subdivision.

Experiment with starting the pattern at different parts of the beat. You can get a lot of mileage out of this pattern.


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