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The following exercises are a great way to build your speed and control using hertas. These are basically a succession of 16th notes with 32nd notes thrown in different parts of the measure. They will be divided into three sections that build on each other. Make sure you are comfortable playing each section before you move on to the next. Start slowly and gradually move the tempo up until you find your top speed. Keep your grip loose and make sure to use a metronome to keep track of your speed and timing. You’ll feel the burn in your forearms when you do these, but don’t play into the pain. Here we go.



This first part focuses on your control as you go from 16th to 32nd notes. This will switch your leading hand every quarter of the measure. If you have trouble with the combinations, play a measure of straight 16th notes first (to orient yourself) and then start these measures below. Repeat each measure individually until you feel comfortable if you need to, and then play them in order.



Next, we will take the same concept but focus on speed by increasing the 32nd notes within each measure. Again, feel free to repeat each one individually until you feel comfortable and then play them in order.





In this next part, we are going to extend the previous section by holding out the 16th notes longer.



Consistency is key to getting results here. If you give these exercises a chance, they can do wonders for both your hands and feet.

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