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We are going to take a couple of triplet shuffle rhythms and modulate them to 8th notes. This can me make the time feel elastic when done right. Here is a basic shuffle pattern.
Let’s convert the shuffle hi-hat pattern into straight 8th notes. This will take three measures to play the pattern all the way through twice.
Now we’ll add the bass and snare drum parts and we have the same rhythm phrased as 8th notes. The modulation feels slower because we are shifting from 8th note triplets to straight 8th notes.
Try playing a couple of measures of a straight 8th note beat and them modulating into the new superimposed shuffle. (It may help to practice this with a metronome set to play 8th notes). Repeat these 5 measures until the modulation feels like it flows.


And that’s the basic premise to playing this modulation. It’s also important to be able to play it in 2 or 4 measure phrases. Try playing 2 measures of straight time and then two measures of the modulation. Or 4 measures of straight time and 4 measures of the
modulation (the three measures and the first repeated). Next, let’s try it with another shuffle pattern.

And here is the modulation.

Now, if we shift these from 8th note triplets to 16th notes, the modulation will feel faster. Here is the second shuffle modulated to 16ths.

Use these modulations when appropriate. Try this with other shuffle rhythms as well. Have fun.

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