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If your drums are in good condition and you want to keep them that way, I recommend investing in cases or bags for when you transport them. I’m pretty clumsy so I always move my drums and cymbals in cases.


Even if you’re not clumsy though, sometimes dings and scratches on your gear are not always your fault. For example, you might need your bandmates to help you move your drums and they might not be as careful with them as you would be. Or, if you’re moving your drums in a narrow hallway and somebody who is in a hurry quickly turns a corner and bumps into you. It’s helpful to know that your drums are protected if you don’t want to get them scratched up.

I know that this can get expensive, especially if you have a large drum set. Depending on your needs though, you can get drum bags instead of hard cases. Those are usually less expensive. If you’re transporting your gear in your own vehicle to and from local gigs, that should be sufficient enough to protect your gear.

If you’ll be moving your drums in a trailer or in a big semi truck, I would recommend you invest in some hard plastic or fiber cases, or even heavy duty flight cases that the big productions use.

When you get them, make sure to label everything so you have a way to identify your gear. Many cases look the same and it can be confusing when you are playing with multiple bands and there are multiple cases backstage.

I know can be difficult when you’ve worked hard to save up enough money for your drum set, and now you have to shell out even more money for cases, but if you want to keep your drums looking good, investing in some sort of protection is well worth it.

Let me know what you use, if anything, to transport your gear.


BONUS: Since we are on the topic of protecting your drums, a common cause of dings on your toms is the snare bumping into them when you play or set them up. For help with this, you can look into products like the cRASHbar or Nomo tom protector.

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