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Just like the previous modulation exercise, we are going to take a basic 4/4 jazz pattern and modulate it. This time by subdividing quarter notes into quarter note triplets, and then subdividing each of those triplets into eighth note triplets as a polyrhythm.

Okay, here is the basic jazz beat we are going to modulate.

But first, the basic pulse of the standard jazz beat is quarter notes. Let’s play some quarter notes on the snare to get us acclimated.
Then we are going to get the feel of modulating the quarter note into quarter note triplets (Make sure you play these with the notated sticking).
or written as
Then, we will subdivide each quarter note triplet into 3 eighth note triplets. (Notice we are NOT going from quarter to eighth note triplets). For each quarter note triplet, we will play 3 eighth note triplets, making 18 equal notes per measure (Play these with the notated sticking).


Now let’s move the right hand over to the ride cymbal.
So that is the modulation. Practice playing two measures of the first jazz beat into two measures of this last one. When you feel comfortable with that, you can remove the snare notes to get the basic ride cymbal modulation, but I like to leave the snares in and play them quietly as ghost notes.
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