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Technology has made it convenient for drummers to play and practice, even on the go. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can get free or low-cost apps that help you organize and keep track of your practicing.

Here is a list of some apps that will help you with your drumming journey. Some are available on IOS for Apple products and some only for Androids (and some are available on both). Either way, you can do a search in your app store for comparable apps if these are not available in your format.



There are a lot of metronome apps available. My favorite one is Tempo, by Frozen Ape. They offer a free version and the Pro version for $2.99. The pro version offers the ability to make setlists but the free version has many helpful features that you can customize.



If you need a visual metronome this one will display the count in fullscreen mode. This one is only available for IOS.


If you’re into polyrhythms, this metronome will play multiple pulses at the same time. This one is only available for IOS.



This metronome is programmable.




There are also a lot of drum machines available. This one is a straight forward one to program beats to play along to.



This one serves as a drum machine/metronome.






Peter Erskine has some great play-along apps.

This app can separate the drums and other instruments from a track.




The MTSR app lets you record multiple tracks on your phone. You can upload songs and record yourself on separate tracks.



Drum Chart Builder is a fast and easy way to create and organize your drum charts.
Pia Score lets you upload your charts for reading on your tablet or phone.


Besides the above apps, I also use my Photos, Notes, Google Drive, and Dropbox apps already on my phone to keep track of what I am working on.

In closing, I want to mention that It is easy to get distracted by text notifications and phone calls when we practice, especially if they happen when we are using the apps. For that reason, I recommend putting your phone in “airplane” or “do not disturb” mode so the notifications don’t come through during your practice sessions.

Let me know which apps you use to help you with your drumming.

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