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I keep hearing more songs with interesting drumming intros, so here is another list.

“Umbrella” Rihanna
A funky 16th note beat.

“777-9311” The Time
This is a seemingly impossible drum machine rhythm.

“Feelin This” Blink 182
Travis Barker on the drums playing this flanged beat.

“The Sweetest Taboo” Sade
This is a funky, clave-syncopated beat, most likely also a programmed drum machine.

“Papercut” Linkin Park
This is a sample comprised of drum sounds, not necessarily from a drum set.

“So Fresh, So Clean” Outkast
This is a funky 16th note sample.

“Stargazer” Rainbow
This is a mini drum solo intro by the great Cozy Powell

“Little Things Give You Away” Linkin Park
Interesting programmed intro in 6 in duple rhythms.

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