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More great drumming intros coming your way!

“You Could Be Mine” Guns n’ Roses

Cool drum riff played by Matt Sorum, doubled by the guitar.

“Sing Sing Sing” Benny Goodman

Gene Krupa brought the drums to the forefront of popular music. Here is his most well known drumming. 

“Two Princes” Spin Doctors

Funky opening statement played by Aaron Comess.

Regatta De Blanc” The Police

Ladies and gentlemen, Stewart Copeland.

“Painkiller” Judas Priest

Double bass madness courtesy of Scott Travis.

“Down With the Sickness” Disturbed

Mike Wengren on the drums.

“Motorbreath” Metallica

Double bass quads played by Lars Ulrich.

“Billie Jean” Michael Jackson

Incredible feel, simple beat, played by Ndugu Chancelor. Get’s ’em dancing every time. 

“Where Eagles Dare” Iron Maiden

This was Nicko McBrain’s introduction to Iron Maiden.

“It’s a Monster” Extreme

Cool tom/snare motif played by Paul Geary.

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