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Here are some more great drumming intros. (Check out part 1 for the initial list.)  Of course, not all of these songs may be your favorites, but we can learn a lot from analyzing songs. Think of the concept of what’s going on.

“Ticks and Leeches” Tool

Brilliant fast tom beat in 7, courtesy of Danny Carey. Notice the snare wires are off.

“Superstition” Stevie Wonder

Nothing like a funky beat to start off a song. Drums are played by Stevie Wonder himself. 

“Walk This Way” Aerosmith

Another funky drumbeat that can get you dancing or bobbing your head. Joey Kramer on the drums. 

“Hot for Teacher” Van Halen

This song starts with an epic drum solo that was recorded in sections. There’s a lot going on but you can still rock out to it. Alex Van Halen on the drums. 

“Blue Monday” New Order

This hook is done with just a drum machine. It’s the simple rhythm that makes it catchy.

“Honky Tonk Women” The Rolling Stones

This song starts with a syncopated cowbell pattern followed by a funky drum pattern. Simple and elegant. Charlie Watts on the drums. 

“Territory” Sepultura

Percussive alternating right-hand pattern which leads into a tom groove, played by Igor Cavalera.

 “My Sharona” The Knack

This is the song’s catchy rhythm stated on the drums, played by Bruce Gary.

“50 Ways” Paul Simon

The drum pattern is a funky march distributed around the drumset. The incomparable Steve Gadd on the drums. 

“My Hero” Foo Fighters

 This driving punchy tom beat played by Dave Grohl catches your attention.

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