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Here are some more double bass grooves using different subdivisions. There are written with quarter note leads hand, but also play them as 8th notes and on the “ands”. While you’re at it, try all of the beats with alternating 16th note hands.

Picking up from the last lesson, let play the middle two of the 16th notes.

Now play 8th note triplets.

Then 16th note triplets.

And 32nd notes.

In general, the same timing and coordination benefits that you get practicing the rudiments with your hands also apply to practicing them with your feet. They are great to practice.

Here is one of my favorite rudiments to play using the double bass, the single stroke 4 starting on the “and” of the beat.

Feel free to mix these up. Each of these is written with the specific double bass rhythm for the whole measure but try throwing these in specific parts of the measure.