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Okay, now that we have a double bass foundation, let’s add some different rhythms to your footwork.

Start by taking playing the first three 16th notes of every quarter note. (You could think of this as two16th notes and one quarter note.) Work up playing all of these with 8th notes, quarter notes, and on the upbeats (ands) with your lead hand.

Now play one quarter note and two 16th notes.

Next, we will play just the first two 16th notes

Now play the first two, and last 16th notes. 


Here is another fill incorporating the double bass. In a measure of 16th notes, divide the hands and feet as – 2 hands, 4 feet, 2 hands, 4 feet, and 4 hands. The next measure has the same order flipped.

And you can add crashes to all of the bass drums.

These are just a few more of the rhythms you can play with double bass. When you feel comfortable with them, play them along to music.