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Let’s start playing some double bass. The following lesson will get you started using both feet to play using two bass drums or a double pedal.

Start by alternating your feet. Whether you lead with your left or right foot, work on getting the alternating motions to be steady and even. Make sure that you are comfortable and balanced on your seat. You don’t want your weight to shift from side to side as you move your feet.

When you feel comfortable moving both feet, add your lead hand on your hi hat or ride cymbal. Make sure to note which foot lines up with the lead hand. For example, if you lead with your right foot, the right hand and foot play together.

And add the snare on 2 and 4. 

Now you’re rockin’ a double bass groove. When you are comfortable playing this, use a metronome to make sure your timing is steady. Practice this beat on the ride and also on the hi hat.


Now play quarter notes with your lead hand (one lead hand for every four bass drums).

And place the lead hand on the “ands”.

On a side note, a good way to check your timing and coordination is to move your feet and hands at the same time. Try this to make sure your hands and feet are not flamming.


Now let’s talk about using double bass in your fills. Let’s play a measure of 16th notes alternating two hands and two feet.

You can also alternate your hands to cymbals when playing the bass drums. This is four hands, and four feet with the hands on the cymbals.

This will get you started with a foundation of using double bass in your playing.