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At some point, most drummers go through a period of time where they lose the motivation to play or practice. To a degree this is normal, but if you are feeling this way, I bet you want to know how to get out of that rut. Here are nine things you can do to bring back the desire and passion you once had for the drums.


1. Think about the reasons why you feel this way (if it’s not already obvious). Are you discouraged due to negative feedback about your playing? Is it because you are burned out? Could it be because you don’t feel challenged or focused? Getting clear about the cause of your slump can help to present the answers to the problem.


2. Set goals that you want to reach when you practice and keep track of your progress. If you don’t have specific things you want to work on, it’s easy to just end up playing what you’re already good at. After a while, you will notice that you’re not really making progress and you can lose the motivation to continue.


3. Manage your expectations. Some things just take longer than others to achieve. It’s frustrating when progress doesn’t come as fast as we think it should but stick with it. You’ll get there. Don’t expect to become amazing overnight. A good teacher can guide you and help you to set specific goals for what you are practicing.


4. Vary your practice routine. Getting good at your instrument requires consistent practice, but doing the same thing the same way every day can get boring. If that’s the case, change up what and when you practice. If you usually practice in the morning, try it in the evenings if you can.


5. Study different styles of music. Even if it’s a style you don’t love, it can help you to look at your drumming in a different way.


6. Change your set up. Add or subtract drums and cymbals. Tune your drums differently than you’re used to. These things can spark creativity in your playing.


7. Take a day off to rejuvenate. Maybe you just need some time away so you get a chance to miss it. Engage in non-musical activities that inspire you.


8. Reconnect with what made you want to start playing in the first place. Think about (or play) the music that made you want to pick up the sticks. Then think about the music that inspires you today. Why are you still playing today?


9. Have fun. There is a time to “practice your paradiddles” and there is a time to just let loose and have some fun. Make sure the two are in balance.


Usually, this lack of motivation usually doesn’t last too long but the sooner you can deal with it, the sooner you can get back to enjoying making music again. I hope this helps.

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