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Meet Your Teacher


Hi. My name is Stefano Ashbridge and I love to help drummers have fun perfecting the art of hitting things. I've been through the challenges that come with learning the drums. I have spent the last 22 years developing a successful strategy that has helped many drummers to improve quickly and have fun learning the music they love. (I have written about my teaching philosophy in this book here.)

I began teaching early into my studies when my teacher asked me to fill in when he wasn't available. That made it easy for me to relate to my student's frustrations and passion for drumming.

I have studied the drums with William Lyons, Mark Schulman (Pink, Foreigner), Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, New Edition), and am involved with Hudson Music's Teacher Integration Program. Since then, I have gone on to coach hundreds of private and group students of all ages and skill levels.


I am involved in the Los Angeles music scene as a session and live drummer; having played and toured with such artists as Brad Wilson of Stone and Grammy nominee Derek Jordan. I was also awarded "Electronica Drummer of The Year" at the L.A. Music Awards.

Here are some albums with me on the drums.

Other artists I have worked with include...

Brad Wilson - blues rock Tiff Jimber - piano based rock
The Purple Heart Band - rock Danny Hamilton - country/rock
John Romano -indie rock David Longoria - latin jazz
Abigail Hopkins - folk/jazz Harvey Sid Fisher - comedy
Voodoo Dawgs - blues Kate Russell - country
Starshine Junkies - pop Kathryn Gallagher - pop
Alan Ritchson - pop Juliet - brat rock
Stefana Dadas - pop Jack Chandler - jazz
Brig Feltus - r&b J'Nae - jazz
Mara and the Rockstars - rock