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Got Drums? Get Results!

Are you frustrated with your drumming or don't even know where to begin? Maybe you've been trying to teach yourself or taking lessons and it's just not working out. Learning to play the drums doesn't have to be confusing.

Imagine being able to effortlessly play the drums to music that inspires you or performing an amazing and dynamic drum solo. You can make it happen with the proper strategy. Working on specific things in the right way will allow you to make progress quickly and have fun, so that you'll want to practice. That's the key to becoming a great drummer.

Have you ever wondered why the world's top athletes all have professional coaches? The sports world has always recognized the physical and mental support that the right coach provides. The right drum instructor serves the same purpose.

My name is Stefano Ashbridge and together we will work to overcome your frustrations and pinpoint exactly what you need to make maximum improvement in the shortest time possible. I won't just show you what to do, but I will guide you step by step through the process you need to become the drummer you want to be.


There is no one size fits all instruction out there that works for everyone. There is a lot of stuff out there online to learn from, but the information overload can leave you overwhelmed and lost as to what to do to move forward. Our drum lessons together will give you the exact tools and motivation you need
to play the drums the way you've always wanted.

* Drum lessons are in a fully equipped studio.

* Learn the styles you want, play your favorite songs.
* Beginners to advanced students of all ages welcome.
* Apply what you learn with scheduled group drum-jams.
* Lessons can be recorded to hear and track your progress.

You will see results !


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